Thoughts on Childhood Abuse in Response to a Letter

thoughts on childhood abuse in response to a letter

I have heard my teacher, Brugh Joy, speak often about the sexual initiation or the sexual temple rather than the term “sexual abuse.” I have spoken to many women in the process of my work with auras. When this topic is broached I then ask Brugh’s question; “How did that serve you?” I have received a variety of answers as you might expect. This is an extremely challenging topic, especially given the traditional approach offered by many religious counselors. Some of the abused are enraged that I did not give then their “cookie” for suffering that experience. Others are “dining out” on it to this day. For some it has been the most dramatic experience of an otherwise bland life. Most hated it but have recovered much if not all of their positive sense of self. Some have become paid sexual interactors and some have channeled their fear of men into love and service in other areas. Some see the experience as saving them from a lifetime of the traditional marriage-and-a-family experience. These latter are not all disappointed by that outcome. One of my clients learned out-of-body techniques during such experiences and now makes a living teaching Astral Travel. One sued the culprit and thereby catalyzed the dramatic exposure of pedophiles in the Catholic Church. More than one woman has had greatly increased psychic/spiritual skills. Just this past weekend I worked with a woman who teaches Kundalini which she experienced at a very early age almost directly after her initiation.

I am not condoning the behavior of the male or female who initiated these act/s but I have seen a wide range of responses to the experience. (One “victim” was an ex-husband of mine.) My favorite response came from a young woman who was in an ACA meeting with her girlfriend. The girlfriend was explaining how the act of giving head to a neighbor had ruined her life. The young woman responded with “Oh, that was how I made my movie money!” No constant replay for her!

As far as a prior agreement between the individuals, there are many professionals that have grave doubts about the randomness of such experiences. It may well be that abuse is a catalyst of a major sort and is directly responsible for the opportunity to progress more rapidly upon a more advanced life path. Many of those I have talked to would definitely agree to what I just said. The pattern, of course, is that of the Wounded Healer.

A good reference is Carolyn Myss’s tape “Why people don’t recover and how they can” available at most bookstores and at

Another controversial reference is “the Kiss” a book about incest between a father and somewhat older child.

I hope this is helpful. I do coaching if more is required – I am not an abuse specialist, however.

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